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#keepingthepromise update

Welcome to the latest Promise Programme activity update – part of our ongoing series of news round-ups on this page of the CHS website. CHS’s work to #KeepThePromise began more than 18 months ago, and here you can find all the latest news and developments of the current and up and coming projects.

Trauma Informed Practice

The Trauma Informed project has been running several sessions developed between NHS NES and CHS to provide the national team and volunteers with Trauma Informed Practice Training.  We have had excellent engagement within these workshops and more sessions will be running. Trauma learning has also been embedded in pre-service training and modules are being developed to become available to our new trainee panel members in January 2023.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

We have been supporting the national team with training on children’s rights impact assessments, and these have been taking place throughout November, to make respecting children’s rights a core, demonstrable approach for Children’s Hearings Scotland.

High quality, tailored training resources continue to be developed for our volunteers alongside a baseline survey to assess the impact of these efforts in future years. 

Improving Reasons project

New to the Promise Programme is the Improving Reasons Project! This new project will allow us to prioritise specific areas on improving how and why reasons are made in hearings which will benefit infants, children and young people.

The Hearing System Working Group

The Re-design draws to a close and the team having been working with our key partners SCRA and The Promise to finalise the collation of all the data and will be submitting the final re-design proposals to the Hearings System Working Group. The team has put a huge amount of time and effort into this project, and we are extremely proud of them. 

Participation, Engagement and Consultation project

Phase 2 of the Participation, Engagement and Consultation project is underway.  Sessions have started to take place in-person and virtually, covering these key themes:

  • the role of the tribunal member now and in the future,
  • what support will tribunal members need in a world where we keep the promise, and
  • how might specialist panels deliver better out comes for children and young people?

We are delighted that we have had great interest in these sessions. The views and opinions shared will be provided to the Hearing Systems Working Group in January 2023 to help inform their recommendations on the redesigned hearing system.

Upholding Siblings Rights Project

Some great progress has taken place, specifically working with our Children’s Rights and Inclusion Coordinator to ensure our work on Sibling’s Rights fulfils the asks of the 40 Calls to Action, by Our Hearings, Our voice. This saw areas such as pre-service training, updating the Practice and Procedure Manual, Refresher training, PPA upskilling sessions and multi-agency events all being discussed in relation to the calls to action. Work continues to prioritise how CHS will evidence our impact of incorporating Siblings Rights within the organisation and we look forward to continuing with our updates on the progress here.

What is the Promise? For those that are new to CHS or just need a refresher, you can find out more about #ThePromise by visiting the website, click here for more information.