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Postcards trial gathers feedback from young people

A six-month trial of postcards that provide a new way for young people to give feedback on their hearings experience has proven a success.

Panel Members have given out the postcards at hearings in the Moray and Central and West Lothian areas since October, in a pilot programme designed jointly by Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) and the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA).

The postcards carry a QR code, linked to a new feedback web page where children can directly give views about their hearings to CHS and SCRA.

Increasing feedback

The QR code on the postcards has been scanned more than 150 times during the trial, and more than 10 pieces of feedback have been received. This includes reports of really positive experiences and useful feedback on how hearings can be improved.

‘This is all invaluable feedback that I believe we would not have received without the postcards in the hearing room.

‘We always want to hear more about the hearings experience directly from the children and young people involved, and getting it can prove difficult. So this additional feedback is really significant.’

– Mel McDonald, Complaints Management Officer at CHS


CHS and SCRA colleagues involved in delivering the trial have received positive anecdotal evidence about the trial from Panel Members and professionals involved in hearings.

They are now carrying out a full evaluation of the trial with a view to expanding it into new areas.